ACR blasts New York Times mammography articles

The American College of Radiology of Reston, VA, has deemed the New York Times’ opus on mammography as negative, reckless, and only serving to "deter the progress in the detection and treatment of breast cancer."

In a statement released Friday, Dr. Harvey Neiman, chairman of the ACR board of chancellors, said the newspaper articles wrongly suggest that the majority of radiology professionals are not doing a good job.

"The majority are doing the right thing the right way for the right reason," Neiman stated.

The ACR also responded to the article’s criticism that the society is not doing enough to ensure quality in the delivery of mammography services.

"The ACR’s continued emphasis on regular mammography screening has had a significant impact on women’s health as evidenced by the decline in the number of breast cancer deaths since 1989," according to the statement.

By staff writers
July 1, 2002

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