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Ultrasound's use continues to expand in clinical practice, with radiologists finding ways to incorporate it into patient care while improving efficiency and productivity.

Sterilizing ultrasound probes to prevent cross-contamination is one area of focus a team from the University of Beijing evaluated. The group's solution isn't new cleaning techniques or chemicals but rather a simple strip of adhesive tape. Read why the researchers are sticking to this method in this edition's Insider Exclusive.

In other news, researchers are calling for expanded use of ultrasound contrast agents to offer patients broader access to what they said was low-cost, safe, and reliable diagnostic imaging. Read what a panel had to say at the Advances in Contrast Ultrasound conference in Chicago.

Also, the world ultrasound market is set to make a strong comeback this year, despite the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Read why contributing writer Mustafa Hassan of Signify Research believes the market is in a good place.

Plus, artificial intelligence can help significantly reduce false positives in breast ultrasound, a team from New York University said. Read why researchers are touting their algorithm for potentially avoiding one out of four biopsies.

Plus, check out the following recent ultrasound stories:

  • A new survey found that two-thirds of sonographers report performing ultrasound scans while experiencing musculoskeletal pain. Check out our coverage to learn what could be causing this trend.
  • Mayo Clinic researchers are calling the use of MRI-directed breast ultrasound into question, citing low success in detecting nonmass enhancement in women.
  • Italian researchers have developed a novel ultrasound scoring system that they say can be performed in less than 10 minutes. Read why they are heralding this system for COVID-19 diagnosis and prognosis.

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