Nonprofit group highlights success for POCUS training in Haiti
February 6, 2023 -- A training program for point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) yielded improved performance for physicians in Haiti, according to research from a nonprofit group published February 1 in the Journal of Radiology Nursing. Read More
Wearable ultrasound patch collects cardiac images
January 27, 2023 -- Researchers have developed a wearable patch and a deep-learning method that can assess the heart via ultrasound. They highlighted the device and its performance in a report published January 25 in Nature. Read More
Fewer movements on ultrasound are just fine for pancreatic biopsy
January 25, 2023 -- Making fewer to-and-fro movements may be just fine for endoscopic ultrasound-guided fine-needle biopsy for solid pancreatic tumors, a study published January 24 in Gastrointestinal Endoscopy found. Read More
Researchers develop ultrasound 'tornado' technique to treat blood clots
January 25, 2023 -- Researchers recently developed a technique that creates an ultrasound "tornado" in order to treat acute blood clots inside the brain. Preliminary testing shows promising results in patients with a cerebral venous sinus thrombosis. Read More
Combined AI system on par with radiologists for detecting breast cancer
January 20, 2023 -- An artificial intelligence (AI) system that combines mammography and breast ultrasound data is comparable to radiologists for detecting breast cancer in women with dense breasts, according to a study published January 16 in Insights into Imaging. Read More
Education is the catalyst to increased adoption of handheld ultrasound
January 20, 2023 -- Handheld ultrasound has not yet reached mainstream adoption, but the worldwide market is still projected to reach over $500 million by 2026, according to Signify Research's newly published Handheld Ultrasound Deep Dive Report 2022. Read More
ABVS shows promise for predicting breast cancer treatment response
January 18, 2023 -- Automated breast volume scanning (ABVS) shows promise in predicting pathologic response in women with breast cancer, suggest findings published January 13 in Clinical Radiology. Read More
Fluoroscopy confirms accuracy of knee injections
January 17, 2023 -- Fluoroscopy images of knee injections to reduce pain in osteoarthritis patients have revealed for the first time how the injectate spreads within the knee in a study published online January 14 in Interventional Pain Medicine. Read More
Panoramic ultrasound shows value in muscular imaging
January 12, 2023 -- Panoramic ultrasound does not produce imaging deformations during assessment of large muscles and shows good comparison with conventional B-mode ultrasound, suggests a study published January 10 in Physica Medica. Read More
New technology visualizes radiation therapy dose in real-time
January 11, 2023 -- U.S. researchers say they have developed a new 3D imaging prototype for visualizing real-time radiation dose in patients undergoing radiation therapy. They published the results of their study on January 2 in Nature Biotechnology. Read More