Siemens launches Juniper ultrasound scanner in Canada

2018 12 13 19 13 9250 Siemens Rsna 2018 400

Siemens Healthineers has launched the Acuson Juniper ultrasound scanner in Canada after receiving a license to sell the system from Health Canada.

Juniper was first introduced at ECR 2018 in Vienna. The shared-services ultrasound scanner is designed to deliver high-quality performance and enhanced applications in a lightweight package that has a small footprint.

Juniper is powered by a new front-end engine for high sensitivity and specificity as well as high dynamic range for improved tissue differentiation, according to the company. The scanner also includes a new signal processor that reduces probe and patient motion artifacts, enabling fast image acquisition.

Juniper's new back-end engine allows advanced elastography imaging and has a new measurement package. The scanner has 15 transducers that support its use in applications ranging from radiology to interventional radiology, including urology, cardiovascular, orthopedic, and ob/gyn imaging.

The launch of Juniper in Canada represents Siemens' re-entry into the Canadian ultrasound market, according to the company.

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