Road to RSNA 2014: Ultrasound Preview

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Which is better for shoulder imaging: ultrasound or MR? What are the latest advances in musculoskeletal tumor ablation, and where does ultrasound fit in? And what is O-mode imaging, anyway?

Researchers will address these questions and many more at the upcoming RSNA 2014 meeting in Chicago.

A prominent theme at this year's meeting will be the use of ultrasound in combination with other modalities -- or on its own -- as a less-invasive, lower-cost alternative to more traditional imaging methods.

What are some examples? RSNA attendees will find presentations that address the use of emergency ultrasound to diagnose acute appendicitis; high-resolution, contrast-enhanced ultrasound for gastrointestinal applications and to distinguish between thyroid adenomas and carcinomas; and fused ultrasound/MR guidance for prostate interventions or to target biopsies.

Of course, expect much discussion of breast ultrasound, with researchers giving attendees an update on the "Connecticut experiment" -- the original breast density notification law that launched a movement. Presenters will discuss whether it's possible to minimize unnecessary follow-up in women who have BI-RADS 3 lesions at screening ultrasound, and explain whether using breast ultrasound for further assessment after negative mammography spot views appears to do more harm than good.

And if meeting participants are looking for a knowledge boost, there's no need to worry: Along with the scientific sessions, RSNA 2014 is hosting plenty of refresher courses, covering topics from elastography imaging and musculoskeletal ultrasound to ultrasound-guided interventional breast procedures and ultrasound/photoacoustic molecular imaging.

For highlights of just some of the many ultrasound research papers and posters scheduled for presentation at this year's meeting, read on. To view RSNA's complete listing of abstracts for this year's scientific and educational program, click here.

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