Biosound Esaote debuts new MyLab units

2008 11 12 14 06 08 619 Biosound Ml25 Gold Vascular Resized

Ultrasound vendor Biosound Esaote has introduced its MyLab25 Gold and MyLab30 Gold ultrasound systems.

2008 11 12 14 06 08 619 Biosound Ml25 Gold Vascular Resized
MyLab25 Gold ultrasound system. Image courtesy of Biosound Esaote.
New features available on the Gold platform include a redesigned ergonomic keyboard, an LCD screen with antiglare high-definition functionality, battery operation, and advanced hardware, according to the Indianapolis-based firm.

Both systems also include Biosound Esaote's tissue enhancement imaging (TEI) software, XView real-time noise reduction algorithm, and MView technology for providing more image detail and reducing speckle, artifacts, and shadowing. The units also include the company's VPan tool for panoramic imaging capability, and MyLab Desk software for transferring studies to a PC, Biosound Esaote said.

The vendor also is offering an advanced cardiac package for MyLab30 Gold. This package includes Compass M-Mode (CMM), tissue velocity mapping (TVM), integrated stress echo, XStrain 2D-based strain/strain rate analysis, and contrast-tuned imaging (CnTI) for contrast media procedures.

Purchasers of MyLab25 Gold can also utilize the company's advanced vascular package, which includes the company's QIMT tool for real-time radiofrequency-based carotid intima-media thickness (CIMT) measurement, and transcranial Doppler capability.

An advanced ob/gyn package is also available for the Gold platform, including a new 4D motorized probe and the vendor's X4D technology for 3D/4D ob/gyn imaging in volumetric scanning.

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