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2008 11 04 14 01 51 142 Cone Thumb Ult 2008

(Booth 3211) Look for Cone Instruments of Solon, OH, to showcase three new ultrasound accessory items designed to assist sonographers, including a new ergonomic ultrasound chair.

2008 11 04 14 01 52 898 Cone Ult 2008Cone's Ergonomic Chair is designed to reduce the stress of repetitive motion while providing support as it allows sonographers to bend, stretch, and move freely between an exam table and imaging system. It permits wide reach and is intended to reduce fatigue during scanning.

Cone's new hysterosalpingography (HSG) procedure trays provide sterile disposable instruments and supplies required for sonohysterography and HSG studies. Single-use HSG catheters are sold separately from the trays and are intended for use in various gynecologic procedures.

Finally, Cone's Aim vascular skin-mapping kits are skin-marking devices designed to assist a variety of ultrasound-guided procedures including venous ablations, biopsies, central venous catheter placement, and nerve blocks. The patented design permits the sonographer to deliver ink marks to the patient's skin through the coupling gel while imaging blood vessel anatomy in real-time.

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