Deadly MRI accident heads to court in India

2018 01 29 23 04 1748 Danger Hazard Exlamation Sign

The saga of the January 2018 MRI accident that killed a man in India when he was sucked into the scanner's bore continued this week in a Mumbai courtroom.

Court officials heard that a preliminary inquiry performed by the Brihanmumbai Municipal (BMC) into the incident at Nair Hospital found that two BMC employees were negligent, according to an August 28 report in the Hindustan Times. Charges against the pair -- who were not named -- have not yet been served, the article noted.

Rajesh Maruti Maru was killed when he was pulled into the bore of an MRI scanner while carrying an oxygen tank into the suite. The 32-year-old man was taking the metal cylinder into the room for his mother-in-law who was about to undergo an MRI scan. The magnet pulled the tank and Maru into the bore where it exploded. Maru died shortly thereafter of complications from pneumothorax after inhaling the gas. It is alleged that a hospital employee gave the cylinder to Maru.

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