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Breast MRI technology developer Aurora Imaging Technology of North Andover, MA, will showcase an enhancement to its Aurora 1.5T Dedicated Breast MRI System.

SpiralRODEO is a new capability for the company's RODEO (rotating delivery of excitation off-resonance) technology. The company believes that the technique provides better resolution, and also allows for improved acquisition efficiency that's three times greater than traditional 3D Fourier transform reconstruction. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration cleared SpiralRODEO in November of last year, but until now, the technology has not been available.

SpiralRODEO can help clinicians find or exclude the presence of cancer in high-risk women, characterize indeterminate clinical or mammographically detected abnormalities, evaluate patients for residual disease after surgery, and monitor a tumor's response to chemotherapy, according to Aurora.

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This video shows Aurora's SpiralRODEO technology.

The Aurora Breast MRI system features an ellipsoid magnetic shim that provides coverage of both breasts, the chest wall, and bilateral axillary lymph nodes; a precision gradient coil with the high linearity needed for high-resolution spiral reconstruction; an integrated interventional system for MRI-guided biopsy and localization; and AuroraCAD, a computer-aided image display system.

By Kate Madden Yee contributing writer
November 9, 2006

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