Part II: Answers to the 10 questions to ask your architect about MRI suite design

In part I of this series, we provided you with 10 questions that every architect who designs an MRI suite should be able to answer. Designers who can't (or won't) answer these questions should not be the ones you count on to protect the safety of your patients and staff, not to mention a million dollars in clinical equipment.

In part II we provide the answers to each of the 10 questions. Other architects and engineers may vary from our answers in their approach, but every professional designer should be able to clearly and effectively communicate every hazard and planning concern to their clients.

If the designers for your project can't address the following 10 questions, then you should strongly evaluate whether you and your patients need the consultation of an MRI expert.

The answers to the "Ten questions to ask your architect about MRI design" were displayed for a limited time for readers, courtesy of Jünk Architects. If you would like a copy of the answers please contact Robert Junk or Tobias Gilk at Jünk Architects.

By Robert Junk and Tobias Gilk contributing writers
April 7, 2005

Reprinted from by permission of the authors.

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