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Radiopharmaceutical developer and PET vendor CTI Molecular Imaging will be debuting PET.Connect. The product is an integrated group of software tools and workstations for image analysis, PET education and marketing, and practice management, according to the Knoxville, TN-based firm.


By combining image analysis software, PET education and marketing, and practice management tools, PET.Connect offers PET providers a range of resources to increase productivity, improve diagnostic accuracy, and successfully grow their practice, according to the company.

PET.Connect products were developed by CTI PETNet, a business unit of CTI Molecular Imaging, and Oxford, U.K.-based fusion software firm CTI Mirada Solutions, which CTI bought in 2003. PET.Connect image analysis applications will also be available from a number of other leading imaging vendors, CTI said.

In addition to MiraView for image review and analysis, and Fusion7D with rigid and nonrigid image fusion capabilities, PET.Connect includes Novisis, a tool for monitoring response to therapy or disease progression that facilitates direct comparison of multimodality images acquired over time. Scenium (pending Food and Drug Administration marketing clearance) provides PET clinicians with the capability to efficiently extend their PET practice to include Alzheimer's studies, and is also included in the product package.

Utilizing image registration technologies, Scenium automatically correlates FDG uptake against a normal brain atlas, and quantifies the deviation from normal in regions of interest crucial to Alzheimer's diagnosis, the company said. PET.Connect also provides educational resources and marketing guidance designed to increase referrals through education of staff, interpreting physicians, referring physicians, technologists, and patients about the benefits of PET.

CTI has bundled PET.Connect with its PET/CT University, a Web-based educational resource for interpreting physicians, referring physicians, and technologists. The feature is designed to demonstrate the benefits of PET/CT, including when and how PET/CT influences patient management, according to CTI. Also included in the application is Call It With Confidence, an educational resource designed to assist interpreting physicians with proper dictation of PET and PET/CT reports.

Lastly, PET.Connect features a secure, Web-based practice management resource designed to manage and integrate the operations of PET centers and improve operational efficiencies. This feature includes online report delivery for improved communications with referring physicians; programs to assist with radiation safety, administration, scheduling, and FDG dose ordering; and personalized management reporting for business improvement, CTI said.

By Jonathan S. Batchelor
AuntMinnie.com staff writer
November 8, 2004

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