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Imaging metabolic processes at the molecular level has become radiology’s next frontier, as advances in FDG-PET, functional MRI, SPECT and other areas give researchers new insight into life's most basic processes. In the coming years, discoveries in molecular medicine will lead to major changes in the way disease is diagnosed and treated.

It is in this spirit of research and discovery that we launch the Molecular Imaging Digital Community, the latest in AuntMinnie.com’s growing family of digital communities. Located at http://molecular.auntminnie.com, the Molecular Imaging Digital Community offers a wealth of resources related to molecular imaging, including clinical and business news, conference listings, links to related Web sites, and vendor and product directories.

Take a quick visit to our community, and you’ll find articles on PET imaging of the absent-minded, the use of iodine-123 SPECT as an alternative for thyroid cancer diagnosis, PET as a cost-cutting tool for Alzheimer’s disease, and a comparison of SPECT, PET, and MRI for myocardial assessment.

Later this week we'll be featuring daily updates from the Academy of Molecular Imaging meeting in San Diego. Only the Molecular Imaging Digital Community can give you comprehensive coverage of this fast-growing meeting covering one of radiology's most exciting new subspecialties.

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