CurveBeam to merge with Australian AI developer StraxCorp

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Imaging device vendor CurveBeam has entered into a merger agreement with StraxCorp, an Australian developer of artificial intelligence (AI) software. The combined company will be known as CurveBeam AI.

CurveBeam has developed weight-bearing CT technology for orthopedic practices that's designed to help physicians examine bone and joint alignment in functional positions. The scanner is intended to help evaluate lower extremity conditions including flat foot, patellar instability, and hip dysplasia.

Meanwhile, StraxCorp has developed AI and machine-learning software for analyzing bone separation, segmentation, and microstructure as a tool for improving screening of bone fragility and to help clinicians prevent fragility fractures.

The two companies have been working together since 2018, and they collaborated to adapt the resolution of CurveBeam's InReach conebeam CT scanner to assess bone microstructure. This resulted in the InReach HR-pQCT (high-resolution peripheral quantitative CT) system.

As a merged firm, CurveBeam AI will provide software from both companies on a software-as-a-medical-device basis through the cloud.

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