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Computer-aided detection is a pillar of hope for virtual colonoscopy's future, representing the dual promises of easier patient prep and more consistent results for VC readers.

Large studies demonstrating CAD's reliability must precede regulatory approval for any system. As it so happens, a multicenter trial has been initiated to explore these issues, with promising initial results.

In this issue's Insider Exclusive, Dr. Luca Bogoni from Siemens Medical Solutions' CAD group reports on the early results of a VC CAD trial under way at 12 centers across the U.S. and Europe. Published results from the first 500 patients will show greater than 90% sensitivity for detecting clinically significant polyps, Bogoni said.

Also in our Insider Exclusive, researchers from Japan found that a previously demonstrated CAD scheme improved reader performance among radiologists, radiology residents, and endoscopists -- to slightly different degrees, that is. Another study showed that the same system missed a few smaller polyps when the dose was dialed way down.

Finally, be sure to visit the Virtual Colonoscopy Digital Community for radiologists' views of two other issues that are near and dear to VC providers: training and accreditation. Two notable experts eye the promises and the pitfalls.

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