Diagnosis of Diseases of the Breast

Diagnosis of Diseases of the Breast by Lawrence W. Bassett, Valerie P. Jackson, Karen L. Fu, and Yao S. Fu, 2nd ed.
Elsevier Science, St. Louis, 2005, $189

I did not read the first edition of this book, but the second edition is excellent. This 672-page text, with nearly 1,000 illustrations, is comprehensive, scholarly, and clinically useful. The pictures are clear, the topics presented are current, and the text is written in an easy to follow style.

Another aspect I liked in particular is the up-to-date bibliography at the end of each chapter, which includes most of the latest relevant research. It can be a great learning source and an excellent review of the ever-evolving breast imaging field.

For residents reviewing for the written boards, this book might be too comprehensive. However, if you know this book, you will pass. I recommend reviewing the captions, pictures, and tables to get a good feel for the salient points that are important in breast imaging -- information that will likely be on the test.

If you are preparing for the oral boards, read specific parts of chapters, such as epidemiology; how to analyze calcium; how to analyze a mass; or what to look for on a breast MR.

For a breast imaging fellow, Diagnosis of Diseases of the Breast is a must-read. It covers all aspects of the field to a depth and level of detail that is required of a specialist in breast imaging. For the practicing radiologist who needs to keep up with breast imaging, read it, study it, apply it, and you will serve your patients well.

By Dr. Michael J. Ulissey
AuntMinnie.com contributing writer
February 11, 2005

Dr. Ulissey is director of breast imaging for Parkland Hospital and an assistant professor of radiology at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, both in Dallas. He also has a private radiology practice in a Dallas suburb. He was formerly a partner at Women's Diagnostic of Texas, where he read between 15,000-20,000 mammograms a year and performed all manner of breast diagnosis and interventional procedures.

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