Repair charges in five modalities show stability over three-year span

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Costs for travel as a portion of total repair charges remained relatively stable for five modalities, 16.99%-22.11% in 2001-2003, and averaged 18.338% of total charges, according to data from USCS Equipment Technology Solutions. Facilities on average paid 42.048% (range, 36.48%-48.82%) for parts and 39.618% (range, 32.87%-44.15%) for labor of total repair charges for mammography units, portable C-arms, portable X-ray units, rad/fluoro, and radiographic equipment.

Information provided to comes from the GENISYS databank of USCS Equipment Technology Solutions, Brookfield, WI. For more information on asset management visit the USCS Web site at, or call 800 558-6377. USCS Equipment Technology Solutions and GENISYS are registered trademarks.

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