Buyer's Guide Update: CT purchasing options proliferate

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Welcome to the first edition of Buyer's Guide Update, a new newsletter designed to keep you abreast of changes to our Buyer's Guide online directory of medical imaging products and services.

Every issue of Buyer's Guide Update will give you a complete overview of a major medical imaging modality, from advanced visualization software to x-ray systems. Our feature article will review the state of the art in each modality, and will also cover the major considerations you need to keep in mind when buying capital equipment.

Our feature modality with this issue is CT, which has experienced a resurgence of interest in recent years thanks to the rise of multislice scanning. Vendors are beginning to move beyond the current generation of 64-slice scanners with new platforms based on technologies like dual-source, 256-slice, or high-definition imaging.

But buying new equipment goes beyond technology assessment, so we'll also help you consider other factors to keep in mind when purchasing a CT system. These range from workflow and data-handling issues to the regulatory and economic environment, which has been made more complex in the U.S. by legislation such as the Deficit Reduction Act of 2005.

You can get started with the article -- which is being sent to our Buyer's Guide Update subscribers before the rest of the membership -- by clicking here. And check out the links below to review the latest product listings available in the CT section of the Buyer's Guide.

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