Kodak realigns sales organization

Eastman Kodak Health Imaging has realigned the structure of its sales and product distribution organization. The move essentially removes a layer of management, with regional sales units now reporting directly to Health Imaging senior management.

Under the Rochester, NY, company’s previous structure, Kodak maintained two large regional areas that were responsible for sales and distribution: the Americas Area and the Europe, Pacific, Middle East, Africa, and Russia (EPMAR) Area. Both of these areas will be eliminated under the new structure and replaced with five regions: Asia; Japan; the U.S. and Canada; Latin America; and a region encompassing Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Russia (EAMER).

The general manager for each region will report directly to Kodak Health Imaging COO Candy Obourn. In addition, managers of Kodak’s strategic product groups and global functions units -- which were created in a reorganization last summer -- will now report to president Dan Kerpelman.

Americas Area general manager Rick Cimino was offered a new position within Health Imaging, but has decided to leave the unit and is evaluating offers both inside and outside Kodak. EPMAR Area general manager Sharon Crino will be leaving the Health Imaging unit for another Kodak position after assisting the company over a transition period.

By AuntMinnie.com staff writers
March 24, 2002

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