RIS Logic launches new multisite RIS

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CLEVELAND - RIS Logic of Solon, OH, is using this week’s SCAR meeting as a platform to launch the latest version of its RIS software. Called RIS Logic CS, the new version is designed to support multiple imaging sites in a healthcare enterprise, and includes other features created to help users manage their productivity.

RIS Logic CS represents a complete rewrite of the company’s previous software offering, RIS Logic 4.0, according to president Daniel Quigg. The catalyst for the rewrite was the growing consolidation of imaging facilities, with practices operating across geographic regions rather than isolated in single centers. Software that operates only at a single location makes it difficult for users to get a complete picture of their operations, he said.

RIS Logic also wanted to add support for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Quigg said. The company wrote the software to ensure that practices can meet HIPAA’s security and patient-auditing requirements.

Practices using RIS Logic CS can schedule patients and manage workflow at multiple sites from a single central location. The company also incorporated practice-analysis tools into the software, so facilities can identify productivity bottlenecks and conduct functions such as modality utilization analysis, radiologist report productivity, referral sources, and procedure trends and profitability.

In the near future, RIS Logic plans to begin offering products and upgrades over the Internet, and RIS Logic CS was written with Microsoft’s .NET platform with this migration path in mind, Quigg said.

Sites using RIS Logic 4.0 will be offered an upgrade path to RIS Logic CS, he added.

By Brian Casey
AuntMinnie.com staff writer
May 4, 2002

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