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CIO Focus
4 steps to expand enterprise imaging beyond radiology
August 2, 2017 -- As technology evolves, more specialties across the healthcare spectrum are recognizing the value of enterprise-available medical imaging. To succeed today, IT leaders and medical imaging departments must collaborate to create enterprise image strategies that meet patient clinical needs for image sharing, writes Richie Pfeiffer from LifeImage.  Discuss
Is your MRI scanner the weak link in your security plan?
July 28, 2017 -- Cybersecurity for medical imaging equipment is often more critical than for other medical devices because the equipment stores protected health information and communicates directly with PACS and electronic medical record systems. This makes imaging equipment an attractive target for hackers, as it provides the perfect portal to a hospital's most valuable asset: patient information.  Discuss
Wis. hospital cures chaos of nonradiology images
June 9, 2017 -- Most healthcare enterprises do a great job of managing radiology images, but things can get chaotic when it comes to images from outside radiology. A health system from Wisconsin found a cure in an application it developed to leverage its existing DICOM infrastructure to manage nonradiology images.  Discuss
Can cloud-based archiving cure your security headaches?
March 22, 2017 -- Longstanding U.S. healthcare regulations have enforced the security of data from reasonably anticipated threats, and new -- even stricter -- guidelines related to data access and backup aim to create additional layers of security and integrity. However, the majority of departmental PACS archiving or disaster recovery systems fail to fully support these initiatives, according to Ed Marshall from Ambra Health.  Discuss
3 steps to enterprise imaging for smaller hospitals
February 8, 2017 -- While many large healthcare systems in the U.S. have adopted enterprise imaging, most small or medium-sized hospitals have not. Smaller institutions face many hurdles on their path to enterprise imaging, but with three simple steps, they too can experience its many benefits, according to Dan Trott from Dell EMC.  Discuss
Unprotected DICOM servers remain a security risk
January 10, 2017 -- Thousands of radiology archives worldwide have serious security gaps that could leave them vulnerable to denial-of-service attacks or potentially even theft of patient data, according to research from Massachusetts General Hospital. And the situation isn't getting any better.  Discuss