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Samsung highlights RS85 Prestige features, mobile x-ray unit at RSNA

By staff writers
December 1, 2020

Samsung's product offerings at the 2020 RSNA meeting include new features on its RS85 Prestige ultrasound scanner and a showcase of mobile x-ray and CT equipment.

In a statement about the products it's showing at the RSNA meeting, the company flagged new features on the RS85 Prestige model, such as EzHRI, which it said is helpful for evaluating fatty livers, and tissue attenuation imaging for the assessment of steatotic changes in the liver. Samsung is also playing up its LA2-14A S-Vue transducer, a high-resolution imaging tool that could find a role in the diagnosis of thyroid and breast cancers, the company said.

Also at the RSNA 2020 meeting, the company will highlight its lithium-ion battery-powered AccE GM85 mobile x-ray unit, which it said has offered convenience and high performance during the COVID-19 pandemic. It takes four hours to charge the system and the battery can last all day, the company noted.

Other product offerings at the conference include new software options for digital radiography equipment, including an artificial intelligence algorithm and integration with emergency rooms, mobile CT units, and a photon-counting detector.

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