How useful is clinical decision-support software for CTPA orders?

Wednesday, November 30 | 9:00 a.m.-9:30 a.m. | W2-SPER-1 | Learning Center -- ER DPS
Clinical decision-support (CDS) software may not lead to an improvement in diagnostic yield for CT pulmonary angiography (CTPA) exams, according to this scientific poster.

As CTPA exams have low diagnostic yield, CDS software is often prompted in cases when the study is being ordered for suspected acute pulmonary embolism (PE). To assess the impact of CDS on the diagnostic yield of CTPA exams, the researchers measured the test positivity rate before and after implementation.

Researchers led by Dr. Abdullah Khan examined CDS data and final radiology report impressions for all CTPA orders from the emergency department of a quaternary care hospital between July 2016 and April 2022.

Primary outcome was the percentage of reports positive for PE, determined by manual classification. Secondary outcomes were stratified by CDS appropriateness score and data elements captured at order entry, including degree of clinical suspicion for PE.

"There was no significant change in diagnostic yield following implementation of CDS for CTPA orders," wrote Khan, who will set out the detailed results in his presentation. "CDS tools require tremendous effort and cost to design, implement, use, and maintain, and may not improve utilization."

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