Patients find value in RSNA's Image Share project

Monday, December 1 | 10:50 a.m.-11:00 a.m. | SSC07-03 | Room S402AB
In this presentation, researchers will report on how patients view the RSNA's Image Share Web-based image exchange program.

As compared with other image exchange systems based on point-to-point private networks, Image Share avoids the legal delays and expenses associated with virtual private networks. It also enables the same access and flexibility patients have with physical media, said presenter Giampaolo Greco, PhD, of Mount Sinai Medical Center. Just as they can with CDs, patients can allow any provider to access their images.

The multi-institutional research team surveyed patient participants in Image Share. They found nearly unanimous agreement from patients on the value of having direct, independent access to their imaging exams.

"This report shows that an image-sharing solution that is patient-directed and Internet-based is feasible and not only facilitates access, but also, with respect to privacy and security, generates the same level of user satisfaction as that attained through CDs," Greco told

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