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2007 11 01 13 17 18 706

(Booth 2976) NEC will feature its MultiSync LCD3090WQXi LCD wide-screen display this year.

2007 11 01 13 16 34 706LCD3090WQXi is a 4-megapixel, wide-gamut, wide-screen LCD designed for soft-copy clinical and PACS viewing applications, according to NEC of Itasca, IL. It features standalone DICOM calibration and NEC's X-Light Pro sensor system for maintaining consistent light output, NEC said.

Other features include a 12-bit look-up table (LUT), 2560 x 1600 resolution, and the company's ColorComp technology for reducing LCD uniformity errors and compensating for differences in color/grayscale and luminance, according to the company. NEC said it has also incorporated backlight technology that produces 102% of the National Television System Committee (NTSC) color scale.

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