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2007 11 01 13 16 18 706

(Booth 6554) NDS will highlight its color displays for diagnostic reading applications.

NDS will present an updated version of PrimeVue 21" 3MP, featuring seven look-up tables (LUTs), 12-bit precision, and compatibility with any dual-link commercial graphics card, according to the San Jose, CA-based firm. The company is also introducing PrimeVue 30" 4MP, which includes the same features as PrimeVue 21" 3MP.

2007 11 01 13 16 04 706Users can gain access to the display LUTs via the company's MD-Cal 4.0 software. NDS' Integrity Network QC software monitors and logs display performance at a central location, and provide status and log table format viewing, e-mail triggers, and user-definable cycle times between verifications, according to the company.

NDS has also added a 19-inch monochrome version of its Axis display for fluoroscopy and radiography/fluoroscopy (R/F) applications, featuring peak luminance of 1200 cd/m².

In operating room applications, NDS will present its Radiance OR displays with 26- and 37-inch high-definition (HD) screens, both featuring split-screen capability via picture-in-picture (PIP) or a 50/50 split, according to the vendor.

The company will also demonstrate ConnectOR, a device that provides video switching, surgical image streaming, and a digital capture solution for surgical carts or integrated operating rooms. It takes images from either static system sources or endoscopic video streams, compresses them, and sends them out over an Ethernet connection, according to the firm.

NDS is also planning to show a 3D stereoscopic 19-inch display as a work-in-progress.

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