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2007 11 01 13 15 32 706

(Booth 5347) IEI will introduce its PACSMate monochrome/color displays, as well as clinical review displays.

2007 11 01 13 15 16 706IEI's MMD series features MMD-5201M and MMD-3213M, targeted at mammography, CR, and PACS applications. MMD-5201M offers 2560 x 2048 resolution, while MMD-3213M yields 2048 x 1536 resolution, according to the Brea, CA-based firm.

Both employ IEI's GrayBoost 12-bit grayscale technology to simultaneously produce 4,096 grayscale tones through the monitor's embedded display controller. In addition, the displays include autodetection technology, which automatically identifies different graphics cards and self-adjusts the mode to fit the specific card, IEI said.

In color developments, IEI will direct attention to its MMD-3208C (2048 x 1536 resolution) and MMD-2196C (1600 x 1200 resolution) high-brightness color displays. Featuring maximum luminance of 600 cd/m², the displays include IEI's GrayEasy 30-bit color technology and are suitable for CR, CT, and MRI applications, IEI said. A built-in color-to-grayscale converter allows for visualization of 10-bit grayscale images.

IEI will also demonstrate its MMC series of color displays for clinical review environments. MMC-2201C is a 2-megapixel display with gamma and DICOM presets, while MMC-1190C is equipped with a touch screen and can serve as a patient monitoring workstation and ultrasound terminal, IEI said.

The PACSMate monitor series is expected to be released in January 2008.

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