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2006 11 07 15 31 14 706

Vital Images of Minnetonka, MN, will highlight a new version of its flagship Vitrea software, as well as a new "floating license" concept that enables users to access advanced visualization tools from wherever they are in a healthcare enterprise.

Vitrea version 3.9 includes new usability features, as well as enhancements for cardiac and neuro studies. Some highlights of the release include the ability to manage more complex data, up to 3,000 slices on computers with 64-bit operating systems.

2006 11 07 15 31 04 706VesselWalk is a new Vitrea tool for review of coronary vessels in multiplanar reformat (MPR) reconstructions, while SurePlaque is an option for plaque visualization and characterization in coronary arteries. Version 3.9 also includes a feature that enables easy identification of arteries and region of interest (ROI) mirroring in CT brain perfusion studies, according to the company.

VitreaAccess is a new concept that gives Vitrea users around-the-clock access to advanced visualization tools, offering two platforms that enable users to tailor their systems to the needs of their facility. VitreaAccess users can "float" their licenses between workstations throughout an enterprise, or access Vitrea tools remotely via a secure virtual private network (VPN).

Finally, Vital Images has added new features for its VitalConnect 4.0 software, such as improved image quality, enhanced performance, and richer advanced analysis tools, the company said. Version 4.0 users can manipulate studies, then push them to the Web for further analysis and manipulation by remote users.

By Brian Casey staff writer
November 8, 2006

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