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This Halifax, Nova Scotia, company will demonstrate Spatial View 3D Medical, which enables the review of 3D stereoscopic images without the use of special glasses or headgear.

Spatial View's SVI 3D medical workstation is based on autostereoscopic spatial imaging, an interaction technology from Spatial View that has been combined with a DICOM-compliant software interface from French advanced visualization developer Intrasense. 

2006 11 07 15 30 11 706The SVI 3D workstation consists of two monitors, one that displays a conventional 2D screen and the other, based on the company's SeeFront technology, equipped with eye tracking. Rather than using a mouse to interact with the data, the workstation employs SVI Space Tool, which Spatial View calls a "machine vision-based interaction technology." The tool gives users new flexibility for navigating and manipulating volumetric data, according to the company.

The workstation can operate either as a standalone device or as a computer networked with a facility's PACS, and accepts images from any DICOM-based modality, including CT, MRI, PET, and ultrasound.

The software includes multiple 2D and 3D methods for viewing and manipulating data, including multiplanar reformatting (MPR), "thick" MPR, 2D/3D synchronization, and a variety of study export options. The software is currently available worldwide.

By Brian Casey staff writer
November 8, 2006

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