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Rendoscopy of Munich, Germany, will introduce a new software application for virtual colonoscopy studies in its booth at McCormick Place for the 2006 RSNA conference.

Gentle Colon 3D includes multiple modes for viewing virtual colonoscopy exams, such as a "split colon" approach, in which the colon is split into two 180° parts, and a "virtual dissection" mode, in which the colon is flattened and unrolled into a pure intraluminal view.

2006 11 07 15 32 34 706The software supports both of the main methods for interpreting VC exams: 2D primary review with 3D problem solving, and 3D primary review and 2D problem solving. Findings can be sent to a PACS or distributed to colleagues via the Rendoscopy Communicator, which enables users to communicate with physicians who do not have a license to the software.

Gentle Colon 3D received U.S. Food and Drug Administration clearance in September, and is currently available in the U.S. and most international regions.

Another Rendoscopy product, Gentle Renderer, is designed to be used to either create cross-sectional views for Rendoscopy customers, or to be used by external software developers to create their own 3D applications.

By Brian Casey staff writer
November 8, 2006

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