Stratasys showcases new software for 3D printers

2018 03 14 00 19 5162 3 D Printing 400

3D printing technology firm Stratasys has debuted a new software module, Digital Anatomy Creator, for its Digital Anatomy 3D printers.

The new software allows users to manipulate material formations and customize the internal structures of their prints to craft patient-specific anatomic models that are a direct replica of the patient's anatomy.

The materials mimic human tissue so healthcare providers can use the anatomic models for diagnostic purposes, to develop hyperpersonalized treatment plans, and to better prepare for surgical procedures, according to the company.

The firm is also collaborating with Synopsys Simpleware ScanIP Medical and Materialise Mimics inPrint to certify its Digital Anatomy and J5 MediJet printers for inclusion in U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) 510(k) cleared medical modeling workflows.

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