How to be efficient in reading VC CAD

Education Exhibit | LL-GIE2302 | Lakeside Learning Center
Visitors to this exhibit will receive practical tips on getting the most from their virtual colonoscopy computer-aided detection (CAD) software.

Presenter Abraham Dachman, MD, from the University of Chicago, said that he encourages radiologists who currently offer virtual colonoscopy but who do not have high volumes of work to consider improving their accuracy and confidence of interpretation by using CAD.

While the educational exhibit is generic, the authors utilized VeraLook CAD software (iCAD, Nashua, NH) to demonstrate teaching points, as it's both cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and has peer-reviewed published data showing its efficacy, Dachman said.

"I believe that the CAD program can be used in a more time-efficient manner than is suggested by the recent clinical trial published in Radiology," Dachman said. "We found that when used as demonstrated, CAD will result in a trivial increase in time of interpretation. Most false-positive hits are quickly dismissed."

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