CT Angiography for the Physician - Hands-on Training for Levels 2 and 3 ACC Certification

Mar 9th, 2008Mar 16th, 2008
New York City, NY
Level 2: The five-day program (Monday to Friday) will provide each participant with the performance of 50 scanning procedures, including patient and scanner setup, contrast injection, image acquisition and reconstruction, postprocessing, and interpretation. In addition, a total of 150 cases will be reviewed. The course will be dedicated to hands-on experience. Level 2 didactic requirements will be fulfilled online. Level 3 will provide the necessary expertise to serve as a director of an independent facility or an academic CT section. Documentation of Level 2 training is required. The course will complete the 300-case Level 3 requirement by adding 150 cases, of which 50 are acquired, processed, and interpreted by the trainee, with one student per station. Exposure to the administrative aspects of running a CT laboratory will be provided, as well as teaching Level 2 students to fulfill the teaching requirement. Research opportunities are available.
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