Advances in Molecular Breast Imaging

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Molecular Breast Imaging - An Special Report
Wider Net
MBI casts wider net for improved breast cancer diagnosis
Economic Squeeze
MBI could help breast centers caught in economic squeeze
Radiation dose in women's imaging: Are we scared yet?
New imaging tools address challenges of dense breast tissue
Two Centers
When to use advanced breast imaging: A tale of two centers
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Welcome to Advances in Molecular Breast Imaging, a new Special Report on MBI, an exciting new technology in breast imaging.

Radiologists are investigating MBI as an alternative to other adjunctive breast imaging technologies, such as breast MRI and ultrasound, in working up women with suspicious lesions found on mammography. In the future, MBI could even develop a role as a screening modality for certain segments of the population.

In these pages you'll find a comprehensive review of MBI, touching on everything from its viability in today's cost-conscious breast imaging practice to how it fits into an environment increasingly worried about radiation dose. You'll also learn about how specialized breast imaging practices plan to integrate MBI into their operations, and whether MBI could offer a solution to one of the most vexing problems in breast imaging -- dealing with dense breast tissue.

We hope you find this report informative and useful as you strive to provide the best available care to patients.

Brian Casey, Editor in Chief,

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