Neurospectroscopy Workshop Boston

Nov 6th, 2008Nov 8th, 2008
This course is aimed at training technologists and physicists on how to collect high-quality magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS) data and to teach the radiologist how to interpret the data in a clinical setting. The goal is to describe the primary place of MRS in neurodiagnosis The requirements for successful 1H MRS will be defined at the scanner console and by means of a teaching file. Normal limits, unacceptable data, and normal regional variations will be covered as will the influence of altering acquisition and postacquisitional parameters. Sources of failure in MRS, and strategies for solving them, is an important part of the course. At a more advanced level, the techniques for acquiring robust multivoxel MRS and reconstruction of chemical shift images will be covered. The participants will be taught how to exploit the huge gains that come with high field MR scanners and acquiring and reading brain spectra from high field scanners.
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