3-Day CR/DR Training Course for Technologists

Nov 4th, 2009Nov 6th, 2009
In recent years, computers have infiltrated the way radiology images are acquired, processed, displayed, and stored. Computed radiography (CR) and digital radiography (DR) systems are rapidly replacing conventional film-based radiography systems and technologists need to fully understand the way these systems operate. Issues such dose-creep, multiple-fields exposure, grid utilization, and artifact remediation need to be understood. The most common issues faced by the technologist in his/her daily interaction with DR systems will be addressed. Errors and system malfunctions and their impact on image quality or patient safety will be explained. This course will provide technologists with the image analysis tools they will need to make a correct assessment of digital images and how to best optimize their quality while keeping patient dose low. The course will also review quality assurance procedures for CR and DR systems.
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