2nd Annual Mammo in Maui

Jul 15th, 2007Jul 19th, 2007
Rather than simple PowerPoint lectures, our course offers a unique mixture of didactic lectures, case review, and independent study. MRI case review is performed using real-time dual-screen presentation from an imaging workstation coupled with an audience response system. In addition, our digital mammography case readout challenge will allow attendees to read cases independently and receive feedback on their performance. Through this format, our goal is that participants obtain usable clinical skills they may apply in their practice while at the same time enjoy a relaxing Maui vacation. The course is designed for practicing radiologists who wish a comprehensive review of breast MRI, digital mammography, CAD, and breast interventional procedures. In addition, it will benefit radiologists who are new to these methods and are intending to perform them in their practice. The course is also appropriate for radiology residents, fellows, and technologists.
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