Effective Investment Strategies

Nov 24th, 2006
If you are baffled by continuing chaos in the stock market and the dizzying array of investment alternatives, or if you are struggling with the uncertainty of your own longevity and the returns you have earned in your lifetime, this acclaimed investment education course will provide you with the tools necessary to achieve your investing goals. There is absolutely no sales pitch. Fast-paced and interactive, this practical and unbiased course compares and contrasts the advantages, disadvantages, benefits, and risks of numerous investments, investing strategies, and vital issues. Topics include: Why money Managers Don't Want You to Know About Index Funds, Strategies to Protect Profits and Lower Risk in Volatile Markets, Selecting Mutual Funds Suited to Your Needs -- Not Wall Street's, Online Trading: Appreciate Its Benefits But Watch for the Pitfalls, and Exchange traded Funds: Are They Superior to Index Funds? Presented by J. Michael Moody, M.B.A.
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