Week in review: ChatGPT passes radiology exam | Short MRI works in the ED | Envision files for bankruptcy

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Have you heard of ChatGPT, the artificial intelligence chatbot? Of course you have, and in this week's review we're highlighting two stories that explore the technology's pros and cons.

Our top article shared findings from a team at the University of Toronto that tested ChatGPT on a multiple-choice, text-only test that imitated the style, content, and difficulty of the Canadian Royal College and American Board of Radiology exams. How did the bot do? It passed, but its "hallucinations" raised concerns over its reliability. (For further analysis, listen to our interview with study lead author Dr. Rajesh Bhayana, during which he discusses the technology's potential and limitations in radiology.)

When you've perused that story and the interview, check out more great content in our Artificial Intelligence Community.

Abbreviated MRI

Popular with readers this week was our reporting on a study that suggested how abbreviated MRI protocols show promise in urgent care settings that require neuroradiology -- good news for patients when it comes to avoiding radiation exposure. Once you've read that article, take a look at more up-to-the-minute MRI content in our MRI Community.

Bankruptcy, anyone?

Also of interest this week was our coverage of the bankruptcy filing of Envision Healthcare, which we posted in our Radiology News section. The company attributed the move to "sharp decreases in patient volumes as the result of the COVID-19 pandemic, its exclusion from health insurer networks and inappropriate reimbursement for care provided, flawed implementation of the No Surprises Act,' and a national clinician shortage and rising inflation."

All CT, all the time

Finally, we posted a plethora of stories this week in our CT Community across a variety of indications, including the following:

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