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In a week in which concerns about the coronavirus spread around the globe and long-awaited data were finally released from a European CT lung screening study, it was actually an article on using MRI to follow up suspicious breast lesions that was our top story.

Researchers from Massachusetts General Hospital used breast MRI to follow up on women with lesions classified as BI-RADS 3 -- most likely benign but with a small chance of cancer. Their hope was that a short-interval follow-up protocol would be better at identifying early-stage breast cancer than sending these women immediately to biopsy.

While you're in our Women's Imaging Community, be sure to check out our coverage of a recent article on how to handle breast screening for transgender individuals.

Coronavirus concerns

Obviously, the novel coronavirus outbreak in China has dominated headlines for the past week, and radiology professionals have been pitching in to help. Two imaging modalities -- CT and x-ray -- have played important roles in identifying individuals infected with the virus.

In one of the earliest case reports, clinicians from Vietnam reported on the case of a man who had traveled to Wuhan -- the center of the outbreak -- and then returned with a variety of symptoms. Also, check out a new story that describes two coronavirus cases, one of a man diagnosed with the disease in Washington and another of a woman from a hospital in Wuhan.

Enterprise imaging in the cloud

Many healthcare institutions are looking to implement enterprise imaging to make it easier for their clinicians to access medical images across their network. If your facility is one of them, be sure to check out our new Special Report, Fulfilling the Promise of Enterprise Imaging. You'll find several articles to help guide you through the process, including whether you should consider a cloud-native approach and how workflow-enhancing tools are helping radiology professionals manage costs and improve efficiency.

Last week for SalaryScan

Finally, if you haven't filled out our SalaryScan survey of compensation plans for radiology professionals, what are you waiting for? SalaryScan helps you determine whether you're getting the salary and benefits you deserve. You have just one more week to participate, so do it today!

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