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We've recently added dozens of new questions to Board Review, bringing the total available to over 700. And we've also activated sections on noninterpretive skills and physics -- both areas that will be on the Core Exam.

As always, Board Review is free as part of your AuntMinnie.com membership. We think you'll find it to be an invaluable study tool for the boards or a great way to freshen up your radiology knowledge if the boards are (fortunately) in your past.

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New details on MRI accident

New details have begun to emerge regarding an accident that occurred last week at a mobile MRI unit attached to a hospital in Sweden. The accident sent a hospital staffer to the intensive care unit.

News reports on the incident say that the staffer was sucked toward the magnet during a patient's scan -- apparently due to some kind of weight vest the staffer was wearing. The staffer lost consciousness and was rescued when the patient being scanned alerted a hospital security guard, who was able to free the staffer by cutting off the vest.

The new information raises even more questions about the incident. For example, why was the hospital staffer wearing an apparently ferromagnetic vest? And why was it necessary for the patient to alert authorities?

Fortunately, the staff member seems to be recovering well from the incident. Get more details in our MRI Community.

On the positive side, the events in Sweden weren't the only news in MRI this week. A new portable MRI scanner that can be moved to a patient's bedside was demonstrated this week at a conference, and researchers discovered that arterial spin labeling MRI (ASL-MRI) could be a useful tool for detecting hypervascular meningiomas and guiding treatment.

Get these stories and more in our MRI Community.

ICD-10 changes discourage hedging

Finally, changes are on the horizon when it comes to the ICD-10-CM system for medical insurance claim billing -- changes that could impact your radiology reports. The new revisions try to discourage hedging by warning not to use terms such as "probable," "suspected," or "questionable." Learn more in an article from Healthcare Administrative Partners.

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