Week in Review: Where NaF-PET/CT falls short | Bias in residency selection | Countdown to the Core

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PET/CT is an amazing technology, able to demonstrate both anatomy and function in a single scan. But it may not be perfectly suited for all clinical applications.

Take prostate cancer imaging, for example. Researchers from Denmark found that PET/CT with a sodium fluoride radiopharmaceutical may not add value in detecting bone metastasis in patients with intermediate- and high-risk prostate cancer. Our article on their work was our most-read story for the past week.

Check out our Molecular Imaging Community for more articles about other important applications of PET/CT.

Bias in residency selection

Another top story this past week was an intriguing study by researchers from Duke University about potential bias in the selection of radiology residency candidates -- against applicants who were judged obese or less attractive.

Duke researchers conducted a mock radiology resident selection process using stock photos of potential candidates with a range of facial features and body habitus. They then had a panel of reviewers rank the candidates for interview desirability.

The researchers found that apart from test scores, facial attractiveness was the factor that most predicted whether reviewers would select a candidate for an interview. And candidates who were considered obese were least likely to be selected.

In another interesting article this week concerning residents, we reported on a study by researchers from the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences who used an escape room activity as a team-building exercise during radiology residency orientation and at RSNA 2018. They found that participants not only enjoyed the activity but also connected it to their future responsibilities as radiologists-in-training.

Countdown to the Core

The Core Exam is now just a few weeks away. Recent research found that test takers who made greater use of test preparation resources tended to get the best scores. One of those resources is Board Review, our new question bank with more than 500 board-style questions. Don't take the Core Exam without giving it a try.

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