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What should be the top priorities to speed up the adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) for routine clinical use in radiology? Our top article this week addressed just that issue.

Based on a report from a team of authors led by Dr. Bibb Allen Jr. of the American College of Radiology Data Science Institute, the article describes four main areas that should be emphasized to transfer research in AI to direct patient care. Major priorities should be creating AI use cases, encouraging data sharing, developing tools to monitor AI performance, and creating standards and common data elements.

The paper is part of organized radiology's ongoing effort to lead by example when it comes to AI adoption -- a laudable goal.

Another popular story this past week concerned the development of a deep-learning algorithm to detect cerebral microbleeds on MRI scans. The model yielded 96% sensitivity, with fewer than two false positives per case, and could enable radiologists to make diagnoses faster with fewer errors.

Finally, we're pleased to bring you coverage of the RSNA Spotlight Course on AI, underway this weekend near San Francisco. AI researcher Andrew Ng, PhD, opened the course with a keynote address Friday morning. We also had the opportunity to interview Dr. Curtis Langlotz, PhD, of Stanford University about the impact he believes AI will have on radiology.

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Core Exam coming up

It's now June, which means the American Board of Radiology's Core Exam is less than a month away. If you're one of the lucky ones scheduled to take the exam, you're probably looking for all the study guides you can find to help you prepare.

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