Minnies 2007 semifinal candidates

Below is a list of the candidates for the 2007 edition of the Minnies, AuntMinnie.com's campaign to recognize the best and brightest in medical imaging.

Most Influential Radiology Researcher
Dr. Gerald Abbott, Brown University
Dr. Beryl Benacerraf, Harvard University
Dr. Matthew Budoff, Harbor UCLA
Dr. Filippo Cademartiri, Erasmus Medical Center, the Netherlands
Flemming Forsberg, Ph.D., Thomas Jefferson University
Sandra Halliburton, Ph.D., Cleveland Clinic
Dr. Claudia Henschke, Cornell University
Willi Kalendar, Ph.D., University of Erlangen, Germany
Dr. Kazuhiro Katada, Fujita Health University, Japan
Dr. Christiane Kuhl, University of Bonn, Germany
Dr. Alexander Leber, University of Munich, Germany
Dr. Constance Lehman, University of Washington
Dr. David C. Levin, Thomas Jefferson University
Dr. Gabriel Krestin, Erasmus Medical Center, the Netherlands
Dr. Perry Pickhardt, University of Wisconsin
Dr. Mathias Prokop, University of Utrecht, the Netherlands
Dr. Francis Smith, University of Aberdeen, Scotland, U.K.

Most Effective Radiology Educator
Dr. Matthew Barish, Brigham and Women's Hospital
Dr. Neal Dalrymple, University of Texas Health Science Center
Dr. David Dowe, Atlantic Medical Imaging
Dr. Georges El-Khoury, University of Iowa
Dr. Elliot Fishman, Johns Hopkins University
Dr. Carlos Gimenez, Thibodeaux Regional Medical Center
Dr. Barry Goldberg, Thomas Jefferson University
Dr. Nicholas Gourtsoyiannis, University of Crete, Greece
Dr. Albert Hammerman, Washington University
Dr. Clyde Helms, Duke University Medical Center
Dr. Ella Kazerooni, University of Michigan
Dr. Riccardo Lencioni, University of Pisa, Italy
Dr. Marcel Maya, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
Dr. Bruce McClennan, Yale University
Dr. Matthijs Oudkerk, University of Groningen, the Netherlands
Dr. Anne Roberts, University of San Diego
Dr. Geoffrey Rubin, Stanford University
Dr. Ed Smith, University of Rochester
Dr. Thomas Stavros, Sally Jobe Breast Center
Dr. Jaroslaw Tkacz, Boston University
Dr. Patrick Veit-Haibach, University Hospital Essen, Germany

Most Effective Radiologic Technologist Educator
Hazel Bourne, Harris County Hospital
William Callaway, Lincoln Land Community College
Cynthia Daniels, Barnes-Jewish College of Nursing and Allied Health
Jacklynn Darling, Morehead State University
Joanne Greathouse, Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology
Linda Holden, Laramie County Community College
Kim Krapels, Middlesex County College
James Lampka, Lawrence Memorial/Regis College
Connie Mitchell, University of Nebraska
James Murrell, Pima Medical Institute
Joanne Niewood, University of Pennsylvania
Jane Van Valkenburg, Weber State University

Most Effective Radiology Administrator/Manager
Luann Culbreth, Baylor Regional Medical Center
Roberta Edge, Sutter Health
Janice Eurton, Clark Memorial Hospital
David Gorman, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
Julie Hughes, Scottsdale Healthcare
Jay Mazurowski, Concord Hospital
Penny Olivi, University of Maryland
Laura Pierce, Stanford University
Raul Reyes, San Jacinto Methodist Hospital
Charlene Sauer, Lakewood Health System
Alicia Vasquez, Arcadia Radiology Medical Group

Best Radiologist Training Program
Boston Medical Center, Boston, MA
Brigham and Women's Hospital, Boston, MA
Duke University, Durham, NC
Hospital for Special Surgery, New York City, NY
Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD
Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology, St. Louis, MO
Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA
Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN
Stanford University, Stanford, CA
Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, PA
University of California, Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA
University of California, San Diego, San Diego, CA
University of California, San Francisco, San Francisco, CA
University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI
University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA
University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, San Antonio, TX
University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA
University of Washington, Seattle, WA
University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI

Best Radiologic Technologist Training Program
Barnes-Jewish College of Nursing and Allied Health, St. Louis, MO
Cabrillo College, Aptos, CA
City College of San Francisco, San Francisco, CA
Froedtert & Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, WI
GateWay Community College, Phoenix, AZ
Harris County Hospital, Houston, TX
Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD
Lawrence Memorial/Regis College, Medford, MA
Pima Medical Institute, Albuquerque, NM
Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, PA
University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA
University of Nebraska, Omaha, NE
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC
University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA
Weber State University, Ogden, UT

Most Significant News Event in Radiology
Adverse reactions to gadolinium-based MRI contrast agents
American Cancer Society recommends breast MRI
Eastman Kodak Health Group becomes Carestream Health
Gastroenterologists angle to take over virtual colonoscopy
Growth of cardiac CT angiography
Illinois attorney general files MRI block-time leasing lawsuit
Impact of the Internet on radiology
Impact of the Deficit Reduction Act of 2005
Introduction of PACS administrator certification
MGH teleradiology plan with Rhode Island hospital
Oregon insurer calls off plan to stop CAD payments
RadNet buys Radiologix
Softening job market for radiology professionals

Biggest Threat to Radiology
Academic teleradiology
Decline in Medicare and third-party reimbursement rates
Deficit Reduction Act of 2005
Imaging vendors enter lab diagnostics market
Increased scrutiny of imaging utilization by third-party payors
Increased use of medical imaging by physicians in other specialties (turf battles)
Increasing radiation dose from new imaging technologies
Malpractice insurance crisis
Offshore radiologists reading U.S. studies
Softening job market for radiology professionals
Unnecessary radiation dose to patients

Hottest Clinical Procedure
3D/4D ultrasound
Breast MRI
Cardiac CT angiography
CT lung screening
Hybrid PET/CT scanning
MR angiography
MRI for total joint replacement
Ultrasound elastography
Virtual colonoscopy
Whole-body CT screening

Scientific Paper of the Year
Cardiac imaging using 256-detector row four-dimensional CT: Preliminary clinical report. Kido T et al, Radiation Medicine, January 2007.

Computed tomography screening and lung cancer outcomes. Bach P, Journal of the American Medical Association, March 7, 2007.

CT screening for lung cancer: Diagnoses resulting from the New York Early Lung Cancer Action Project. Henschke C et al, Radiology, March 2007.

Diagnostic accuracy of colorectal cancer staging with whole-body PET/CT colonography. Veit Haibach P et al, Journal of the American Medical Association, December 6, 2006.

Diagnostic accuracy of dual-source multi-slice CT-coronary angiography in patients with an intermediate pretest likelihood for coronary artery disease. Leber et al, European Heart Journal, July 21, 2007.

Influence of computer-aided detection on performance of screening mammography. Fenton J et al, New England Journal of Medicine, April 5, 2007.

Influence of PET/CT-introduction on PET scanning frequency and indications. Results of a multicenter study. Stergar H et al, Nuklearmedizin, March 29, 2007.

MRI evaluation of the contralateral breast in women with recently diagnosed breast cancer. Lehman C, New England Journal of Medicine, March 29, 2007.

MRI for diagnosis of pure ductal carcinoma in situ: A prospective observational study. Kuhl C et al, Lancet, August 11, 2007.

Noninvasive detection of macrophages using a nanoparticulate contrast agent for computed tomography. Hyafil F et al, Nature Medicine, May 2007.

Parenchyma transection in adult live donor liver transplantation: The virtual dilemma of "where to cut." Experience based on virtual 3-dimensional computed tomography imaging reconstructions. Radtke A et al, Hepatogastroenterology, November-December 2006.

Radiation dose with cardiovascular multi-detector row computed tomography: Comparison between single source and dual source systems in patients. Halliburton S, RSNA 2006.

Recognition and prevention of computed radiography image artifacts. Hammerstrom K et al, Journal of Digital Imaging, September 2006.

Step-and-shoot data acquisition and reconstruction for cardiac x-ray computed tomography. Hsieh J et al, Medical Physics, November 2006.

Best New Radiology Device
Acuson P10 compact ultrasound scanner, Siemens Medical Solutions
Aurora breast MRI scanner with SpiralRODEO, Aurora Imaging Technology
Bransist Safire cardiovascular angiography system, Shimadzu Medical Systems
BrightView gamma camera, Philips Medical Systems
ddR Compact digital x-ray system, Swissray International
DirectView line of CR mammography systems, Carestream Health
DX-Si digital x-ray system, Agfa HealthCare
EmPowerMR contrast injector, E-Z-EM
EOS digital radiography system, Biospace Med
ExAblate 2000 for 3-tesla MRI scanners, InSightec
Excelart Vantage Atlas MRI scanner, Toshiba America Medical Systems
MR-Open MRI scanner, Paramed Medical Systems
Oasis MRI scanner, Hitachi Medical Systems America
Regius Nano CR system, Konica Minolta Medical Imaging USA
SonoAce X8 ultrasound scanner, Medison
Suros Celero biopsy device, Suros Surgical Systems/Hologic
Velocity digital radiography line, Fujifilm Medical Systems USA
Voluson e compact ultrasound scanner, GE Healthcare

Best New Radiology Software
3surgery surgical visualization software, 3mensio Medical Imaging
Aquarius iNtuition advanced visualization software, TeraRecon
Brain Angio Subtraction advanced visualization software, Infinitt
C4 integration platform, Cedara Software
Carestream Digital Dashboard data analytics software, Carestream
DexTop breast tomosynthesis software, Dexela
GOPView USXi ultrasound enhancement software, ContextVision
Impax Data Center data analytics software, Agfa HealthCare
InDex 4.0 archiving software, InSiteOne
IQQA-Liver Enterprise CAD software, EDDA Technology
LMS-Lung/Track, LMS-Liver advanced visualization software, Median Technologies
Medsynapse PACS software, Medsynaptic
RadCube data analytics software, Commissure
RadSuite Express PACS software, Emageon
Smart Segmentation radiotherapy planning software, Varian Medical Systems
SureSubtraction advanced visualization software, Toshiba America Medical Systems
Syngo Lung CAD software, Siemens Medical Solutions
Systems Management Dashboard data analytics software, Compressus
TrueView CT advanced visualization software, Philips Medical Systems
ViewPoint 2007 ultrasound data management software, GE Healthcare
Vitrea 4.0 advanced visualization software, Vital Images
Voxar 3D ColonMetrix virtual colonoscopy software, Barco

Best New Radiology Vendor
Arthritis Imaging
Biospace Med
eHealth Global Technologies
Fischer Medical Technologies
Paramed Medical Systems

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