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Quiz Answers:

  1. Which e-mail broadcast subject line would most likely have the best open rate?
    1. Subject Line: "Relieve patient anxiety with faster CT scans"
    2. Subject Line: "The future of multi-slice cardiac CT at the Mayo Clinic"

    Answer: A
    Work flow related headlines tend to have higher open rates than selling points about the very latest cutting-edge technology.

  2. Which ad will likely have the highest click rate?

    1. 2007 04 10 14 39 49 706

    2. 2007 04 10 14 55 22 706

    Answer: A
    Diagnostic images with text headlines tend to out perform "graphics only" ads.

  3. How long does it take for the average online ad on to begin to lose effectiveness?
    1. 1-3 weeks
    2. 4-6 weeks
    3. 7-9 weeks

    Answer: B
    After 4-6 weeks, ad response usually begins to drop off since most of the people who visit AuntMinnie will have seen the ad and already made a decision about whether it's of interest to them or not.

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