DenseBreast-info updates site for health literacy

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Advocacy group has completed a health literacy update of patient educational materials on its website, revising the site's language, images, and format to make content easier for patients to understand.

The update is part of the launch of's Patient Advisory Group, which has urged the use of plain language in patient education materials about breast density.

"Density inform letters raise awareness about the implications of dense breast tissue, but they often are unclear about what the woman should do with the information," Chief Scientific Advisor Dr. Wendie Berg of the University of Pittsburgh said in a statement released by the organization. said that changes will help women make more informed decisions about their breast health, as well as mitigate disparities caused by low health literacy.

"Low health literacy contributes to disparities in cancer care," JoAnn Pushkin, executive director of DenseBreast-info said in a statement. "Mammogram results letters can be difficult to understand and unclear... [and a] lack of understanding can impact decisions and, ultimately, outcomes. [We've] worked to balance information, delivery, and suggested action."

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