Volpara shows breast density upgrade, touts studies at RSNA 2014

Volpara Solutions launched VolparaDensity version 3.0 and is touting several studies at RSNA 2014.

VolparaDensity 3.0 is a breast density assessment tool available clinically for use with digital breast tomosynthesis datasets from multiple manufacturers, and it is already in use at Peninsula Diagnostic Imaging in San Mateo, CA, and Santa Barbara Women's Imaging in Santa Barbara, CA.

VolparaDensity for use with Hologic tomosynthesis systems will be available immediately and the new version for use with GE Healthcare and Siemens Healthcare tomosynthesis units (pending Siemens' FDA approval) will be available in early 2015.

VolparaDensity 3.0 reduces the challenges of visually determining breast density based on a review of tomosynthesis slices and the new synthetic 2D images (C-View from Hologic, V-Preview from GE), and enables consistent density assessments based on each patient's actual breast tissue composition, Volpara said.

The firm is also touting a study appearing at RSNA 2014 on the use of quantitative breast imaging software tools to provide breast imaging and analytics data, including volumetric density, patient-specific dose, applied pressure, and other factors designed to maintain accuracy and consistent quality in breast screening using digital mammography and digital breast tomosynthesis.

In one of the six studies, "System-wide monitoring of mammographic radiation dose for quality assurance" (BRS266), researchers from Weinstein Imaging used VolparaAnalytics on more than 11,000 images to compare manufacturer-reported mean glandular dose (MGD) to a patient-specific estimate. Automated stratification of the data by the mammography unit suggested that one vendor underestimated MGD compared with the patient-specific dose calculations, despite similar breast density characteristics of the populations, Volpara said. For more accurate reporting of MGD, it is essential a standardized method be used across all manufacturers' systems, the researchers concluded.

On Thursday, December 4, 10:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. (Room E450A), the Breast Imaging Breast Density & Risk Assessment session (SSQ01) will include three presentations that feature VolparaDensity: "Automated volumetric breast density and risk of cancer stratified by pathological attributes," "Comparing breast density measurement techniques in screening digital mammography," and "The diagnostic effect of digital breast tomosynthesis in relation to visually assessed and automated volumetric breast density."

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