Matakina registers VolparaAnalytics with FDA

Breast imaging software developer Matakina International announced registration of its new class I software medical device, VolparaAnalytics, with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

VolparaAnalytics assists in quality assurance by monitoring and recording important elements of the breast imaging process, according to the firm. For each image received, VolparaAnalytics extracts information about the x-ray physics parameters used, records mammography and technologist identifiers, and computes various novel metrics from that data, including volumetric breast density and pressure.

VolparaAnalytics is supported by Matakina's VolparaDensity breast density assessment package, the company said. VolparaAnalytics supports most of the major digital mammography systems and the results can be displayed via browser or real-time email alerts.

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