Clarius devices show highest image quality in POCUS study

Clarius Mobile Health is highlighting clinical results that show its Clarius L20 HD3 and Clarius L15 HD3 point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) devices achieved the highest image quality.  

The study, led by researchers at the University of Southern California, compared POCUS scanners on image quality for facial aesthetic and ophthalmology applications. The Clarius L20 HD3 received the highest average rating, followed by the Clarius L15 HD3. The findings were published in a recent study published in Sage Journals

The study aimed to help clinicians choose the best POCUS technologies suited to their needs. Three clinicians scanned volunteer patients to obtain ultrasound images of eight arteries, four ocular and periocular structures, and areas of filler injections. The images were then rated by graders on a four-point scale on quality.

The researchers also suggested that clinicians consider factors beyond image quality when choosing the best POCUS device, including cost, wireless capabilities, range of presets, and battery life.

The Clarius L20 HD3 has an ultra-high frequency of 20 MHz, which the company said allows for detailed imaging from the skin to a depth of 4 cm. Clarius also said its scanners operate via an app available for download on iOS and Android devices. 

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