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Ultrasound has broad utility in medical imaging applications, but the technology can also have an impact beyond imaging. For example, ultrasound could enable improved 3D printing methods that could be beneficial for minimally invasive medical procedures.

A multi-institutional team recently highlighted the success of its 3D printing method called deep-penetrating acoustic volumetric printing. Here, focused ultrasound waves deliver energy with deeper penetration to facilitate faster, high-resolution printing. In the study, the researchers tested this method by creating anatomical structures such as vessel networks and a left atrial appendage closure. Read how this 3D printing method works in this edition’s featured article.

Also, the editorial team was in Chicago recently for the 2023 RSNA annual meeting. We covered a lot of news in the Windy City, including a presentation discussing the potential for a noncontact ultrasound detection system based on a laser interferometer. You can also learn how contrast-enhanced ultrasound can differentiate between liver lesions.

Finally, research out of South Korea presented at RSNA showed how shear-wave velocity values measured after chemotherapy demonstrated predictive performance in chemotherapy responsiveness in patients with colorectal cancer liver metastases.

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