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As Thanksgiving approaches and the holiday season gets in full swing, radiologists may be looking forward to much-deserved breaks. However, the season's greetings do not mean research in ultrasound is slowing down. In fact, it may be just what the doctor ordered when it comes to celebrating.

Italian researchers tested ultrasound's capabilities when it comes to treating red wine in the hopes of accelerating the aging process without affecting wine's quality. Read what they discovered in this edition's Insider Exclusive.

Meanwhile, point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) continues to increase in popularity, but is it ready for widespread use? A team from Texas reviewed previous studies to evaluate how POCUS should be viewed and applied.

In a critical take on the technology, a pair of researchers cited a lack of available formal data on POCUS and argued that more rigorously designed trials are necessary to determine its value.

Additionally, ultrasound can be used to visualize unilateral axillary adenopathy linked to the COVID-19 vaccine. Find out what a Spanish group saw in baseline and follow-up exams.

Plus, check out the following recent ultrasound stories:

  • Duke University researchers found that ultrasound when used with digital breast tomosynthesis can help evaluate women with focal breast pain. Check out our coverage to see what this combination yielded.
  • A new 3D whole-breast ultrasound tomography system is being touted for its ability to assist digital mammography for screening asymptomatic women with dense breast tissue.
  • University of Wisconsin researchers found in their study that racial disparities persist in medical imaging, including for ultrasound. Find out what's concerning them.

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